大阳城集团99aa® is an environment that inspires you to grow, learn, 超越平凡. This is a “home away from home” where every student can find their place. 我们的本科招生团队致力于通过提供必要的信息,帮助学生顺利过渡到大学,帮助未来的学生和他们的家庭完成接受和注册过程. 本网页将为您提供必要的信息,以指导您的教育目标.

大阳城集团99aa is test optional for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years


Are you ready to visit our beautiful Jackson, MS campus? Join us for a tour and explore life at Jackson State. Your visit will consist of a brief orientation session and a 1½ hour walking tour. Tours are conducted by recruitment office staff and student ambassadors. 在我们的旅行中, prospective students and visitors learn about undergraduate admission requirements, 度的选择, housing, 学生生活和大学的遗产. You’ll get a glimpse of some notable campus buildings including our JSU Student Center, 住宅设施, 娱乐中心及图书馆.

请安排参观校园 click here 


1.  提交入学申请

请在收到录取决定所需的所有文件后至少预留7-10个工作日.  However, 鼓励国际学生在入学前四(4)个月申请,以便完成所有文件(1).e. I-20).

2.  提交所需文件:


  • -美国大学考试(ACT)成绩达到16分或更高,或相当于综合学术能力测试(SAT), 不含写作).
  • -国际成绩单必须经过专业评估才能完成申请. 所有成绩单评估必须包括每门课程的评估,并为每门课程分配分数, 累积等效平均绩点, 学位相当于, 并翻译成英文, if necessary. 我们建议申请人使用以下服务:, Josef Silny & Associates Inc .)., Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), 国际 Education Evaluations, Inc. (IEE) and  SpanTran证书评估服务.

These companies listed above are endorsed by NAFSA: The Association of 国际 Educators. 选择其他评估服务, or sending transcript evaluations that do not contain the requirements listed above, 可能会延误申请程序.


  • -国际成绩单必须经过专业评估才能完成申请. 所有成绩单评估必须包括每门课程的评估,并为每门课程分配分数, 累积等效平均绩点, 学位相当于, 并翻译成英文, if necessary. 我们建议申请人使用以下服务:, Josef Silny & Associates Inc .)., Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), 国际 Education Evaluations, Inc. (IEE) and SpanTran证书评估服务.

上面列出的这些公司是由NAFSA认可的:大阳城集团99aa工作者协会. 选择其他评估服务, or sending transcript evaluations that do not contain the requirements listed above, 可能会延误申请程序.

3. 英语水平证明:

托福IBT 69或托福CBT 194或托福PBT 525

The following are exempt from the English Proficiency Requirement:

  • – Non-citizens graduating from a high school in the United States
  • -从美国大学转学的申请人,并且有要求的30个转学小时.
  • – English speaking countries as defined by JSU Global (i.e. 英国, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Nigeria, Ghana, and certain Caribbean Islands.) 点击这里查看国家列表.
  • – Students who successfully complete JSU’s English as a Second Language program.



4.  必须提交经认证的经济支持声明,以证明有足够的资金支付一学年的费用.

Please submit to JSU Global after admittance to the university.

JSU Global
1400 J.R. Lynch Street
P.O. Box 17103
杰克逊,MS 39217


Email:  international@italychinasciencetechnology.com


所有1956年12月以后出生的学生,如果计划在我们的一个校区上课,必须提交麻疹免疫符合证明, mumps, and rubella. 在线学生不受此限制.  

除了免疫要求之外, 国际学生抵达该国后必须进行两项结核病筛查测试:IGRA血液测试和胸部X光检查. 这些测试必须在美国上课前不超过六周进行. Test performed outside of the United States cannot be accepted.


EMAIL: healthservices@italychinasciencetechnology.com 

For more information on JSU’s health screening requirements, 访问JSU健康中心的网页 k33o7.web-sitemap.italychinasciencetechnology.com/healthservices

Contact the Health Center at 601-979-2260 for further information. 


房屋申请网址 k33o7.web-sitemap.italychinasciencetechnology.com/housing.  办公室位于坎贝尔学院套房北部,住房联系电话是(601)979-2326或(601)979-0596.

How to Apply


  1. Visit your JSU PAWS account.
  2. 输入你的j# (ex. J00000000)和NET ID密码.
  3. Select the “Student” 在页面顶部的标签. 然后,选择 “Housing” link.
  4. 在选择 “Housing” 链接,你会选择, THD: JSU住房自助服务.”
  5. 在选择 " THD: JSU住房自助服务" 您将被引导到发展署房屋自助服务门户,在那里您需要输入您的登录信息.
  6. 您的登录信息如下:
    用户名:one\ j# (ex .. 一个\ J00000000) | Password: NetID (Must set-up in your PAWS account)
  7. You will be directed to your own personal Student Housing Portal. 在那里,您将选择 “Apps & Forms,” then select the housing application for your classification and proper term.
  8. 你会被指示同意 “条款与条件” 通过签名并单击“继续”.”
  9. 在点击 “Continue,” 你要继续回答所有问题.
  10. You will be then directed to pay your specified housing fee, 100美元不可退还的住房申请费(新生和转学生)或75美元的房间预订费(返校学生).
  11. 你的最后一步就是支付你的费用. 请注意,没有收到付款,您的住房申请将不予处理.

Step 5: New Student Orientation/Register for Classes

If you are a traditional readmit student taking a class online or on campus, you will need to complete New Student Orientation before registering for classes. For more information regarding New Student Orientation, please visit http://k33o7.web-sitemap.italychinasciencetechnology.com/orientation/. If you will be enrolled in an online program, please contact JSUOnline at (601) 979-0779.


“完成注册”是用来描述商务办公室确认或核实如何支付本学期费用的短语.  Once this information is "officially communicated" to the Business Office, 我们将“接受”当前学期的收费和付款,从而保护学生的课程不被清除.

There are two ways to “officially communicate” with the Office of Financial Services

1.       The first and most popular way is via the Automatic Registration Complete process.  Once a student has selected his or her classes (along with housing and meal plan), 系统将审查所有符合条件的接受的经济援助,如果剩余余额低于200美元, the students’ registration will be completed automatically.

2.       The second way to “officially communicate” is to enroll in the online payment plan.  The payment plan is based on the balance due being divided into four (4) installments.  首次分期付款加上100美元(延期费)需要完成注册.  The remaining three (3) installments are due in 30-day increments. 70美元的滞纳金从上课的第一天开始征收.

学生可以通过登录JSU PAWS帐户并按照以下步骤验证他们的状态

1.       选择“学生”选项卡.

2.       选择“注册”

3.       选择“秋季报名服务”

4.       选择“检查注册状态”

5.       If registration is complete a congratulatory message will be displayed.

6.       If not, a message will display instructing you to your next required step.



To enhance the safety and security of the campus community, faculty, staff and students are required to obtain a University issued photo ID card. 大学要求所有教员, staff, and students display his/her ID card visibly at all times while on campus. First-year students are able to obtain their ID after registration is complete (Step 8).


数百名JSU学生, faculty, staff, 和校友志愿者帮助最新的杰克逊学生和他们的父母搬进宿舍.  Please call (601) 979-4302 for more information on Move-In Day. 


欢迎周是一个为期七天的项目,帮助一年级学生完成学业和社会向大学生活的过渡. 建在大阳城集团99aa的基础上, first-year students will connect with other students, faculty, and staff. All first-year students are expected to attend Fall Orientation/Welcome Week Activities. The week is a collaborative effort among the many departments under 大阳城集团99aa. 欲了解更多信息,请致电(601)979-1179.   



〇秋季学期 August 24th 
〇春季学期 January 11th 
〇第一届夏季课程 May 27th 
第二届夏季会议 June 27th 


春季-第一个8周- January 7th
春季-第二个8周- March 4th
Summer –  May 15th
秋季-第一个8周- August 20th
秋季-第二个8周- October 11th



你从未上过学院或大学, or you attended a college or university for the first time in the prior summer term.






You are a non-US Citizen seeking an undergraduate degree. 这不包括从美国大学或高中毕业(或转学)的学生.




了解暂住学生的录取情况, 非学位的追求, 双重登记, homeschooled, GED, 以及本科以上学历的学生. 





1400 John R. Lynch Street
P.O. Box 17330
杰克逊,MS 39217

E-mail:  futuretigers@italychinasciencetechnology.com

电话:1-866-THEEJSU 866-843-3578

由于COVID-19, JSU目前接受pdf格式的可辨认的非官方高中成绩单.  

Please upload your transcript and ACT or SAT scores via your application portal.

Students will be required to submit official transcripts prior to enrollment.